Use Case: Toileting Issues at the Children’s Ward

In collaboration with paediatrician and neonatologist Thilo Mohns, and paediatric nurse practitioner Frank van Ooyen from the MMC hospital Veldhoven and paediatrician Edwin Knots from the Catharina hospital Eindhoven, No1Robotics is developing an application for the Pepper robot which will help educate and calm children who visit the hospital with bowel movement and bladder problems.

About this Use Case



Toileting issues are very common among young children; in every classroom there are about 2-3 children who have some form of difficulty learning to use the toilet after the age of 36 months.

Common problems children have include constipation, fecal soiling, daytime wetting and bedwetting. These problems are often distressing for both parents and children for multiple reasons. Parents may feel powerless to help their child and worry their child will be bullied at school, while children may experience pain due to constipation and/or shame for soiling their pants.

Pepper gives children explanations on why bowel movement and bladder problems occur and how they can work on solving them. Explanations are given vocally or by using visual media such as videos and presentations. Pepper also engages children with an interactive quiz.

By using a social robot, we strive to help children better remember information, and to be more at ease in the hospital by making the learning process fun and playful.

User Centred & Iterative Design

By involving end-users at every step of the designing process, we ensure a match between technology and the needs of end-users. User-centered and participatory design will be applied to explore design requirements, and the resulting scenarios are leading for the design.

Multidisciplinary team

During the project, medical and care professionals, and IT and user-system interaction specialists work together. Iterative test-retests will be performed to tackle usability problems in the interface and interaction design.

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