Public Services

 Hyper-innovative, never-complaining or ill ‘colleague’


Citizens get more mature and responsible nowadays. They expect a high standard of services. And to make it even more complex these standards are different for everyone.

Some want to have as much personal contact as possible, taking the time to ask questions. Others expect to have a swift, efficient process, as much digitalized as possible. For you as a public services provider lies a big opportunity to serve all different types of customers.

Public Services

Your processes are standardized and your workflow is mainly an administrative one. Citizens can be seen as possible interruptions of your swift processes. There is not an endless time to answer questions, while other citizens are impatiently waiting to receive their help. Our social robots provide you with the best solutions here,

They can gather information in an interactive way, entertain or even inform people in a waiting row or even handle standardized procedures fully autonomously with a human touch.


We are the No1 in Social Robotics. Our robots are a welcoming novelty for citizens as well as a handy support of your service desk employees. Our robots are doing a great job already at the ‘Gemeente Oss’. Together with Centric we create custom solutions, focused on making day to day business easier.

No1 Robotics is able to develop tailormade software for your specific use cases and also fully services the robot during the implementation process including training of your employees on how to effectively make use of their new

Hyper-innovative, never-complaining of -ill ‘colleague’