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Why Should Your Business Need a Robot?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in robotics now. Robotics is the future, by experimenting right now your business will be future-proof when the time ask you to be. You will be leading and one step beyond your competitors. Your customers will appreciate your progressive character and will talk about this unique experience with others. Also value for money is very interesting in this early phase.


How often have you met a robot in real life yet?

Probably not too often. But we can ensure you that when someone meets a humanoid robot it is a remarkable moment for people.

We all are very curious to learn more about robots. It is so astonishing to have a robot dancing for you. Or to have a conversation with one.

Maybe he is giving you even a perfect presentation. You don’t know what you see, but it for sure will be a remarkable encounter you will tell your friends and business associates about.

Meeting a robot is one of those positive futuristic movements you will be able to entertain your customers. The perfect investment in further improving your customer or employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Let your social robot welcome your customers every morning.


Robots are becoming hot. They are in the news constantly. Not surprising because each one is convinced that robotica and domotica are the near future nowadays.

Businesses are still what reluctant to adopt their first social robot. Obviously change feels always a somewhat unnatural. But with showing some guts, your clients, customers and employees will admire you.

People love leading companies. Meeting a robot is surprising, is funny and shows leadership towards your social environment.

Let your social robot welcome your customers every morning.


It took us 2 million years to evolute from ape to human. The next step in evolution towards robotica is taken only a few years away.

Evolution is always exponential. In the beginning you hardly notice the change, but as soon as over the ‘elbow of the curve’ change will appear radically and change society for ever. After the information-revolution, when Internet and PC’s came along, singularity and artificial intelligence are knocking on the door.

The transformation from Big Data into Intelligence is the next big thing.

Starting to integrate one of our social robots in your daily business processes will give you the ultimate opportunity to experiment with this unevitable new technology.

Your employees can practice everyday, your robot builds up unique knowledge and both you and your robot will be ready in time.

Let your social robot welcome your customers every morning.

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Welcome your guests and costumers with a robot. Robots are always ready and always there.


Robots can assist in hospitals employees by helping with small trivial task so employees have more time for the patients.

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Working together with local governments on helping citizen with humanoid robots.